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About Cambridge Dance Studio

  • We educate and nurture a love of the arts in a fun-loving environment filled with creativity and a passion for dance.
  • We offer a wide range of art forms and follow the syllabi set out by the International Associations of the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.
  • We see each student as an individual with special skills, needs and dreams and we find ways to meet those demands and motivate their spirit.

Building upon the foundation of the Cambridge Theatre Dance School, founded by Dianne Long in 1984, the Cambridge Dance Studio is a collective of qualified, experienced professionals who share a common philosophy – dance is an art that should be shared by everyone in our community.  Since its inception, the CTDS and now the Cambridge Dance Studio, has taught dance to over 5,000 children and adults in our community.

CDS class size is limited to ensure the ideal teacher-studio ratio. Parents are invited to observe their children’s classes twice a year at the end of term. The large fully equipped studios  provide an excellent atmosphere for learning.

Our programs are divided into Level classes.  These are based on both age and ability, along the lines of the professional programs, and are designed for two years of development on average. However each child is able to move at their own pace through this programming – faster or slower depending on their talent, effort  and desire.

Examinations are offered several times a year with Examiners appointed by the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. These exams require an extra time commitment within our specific exam program which is optional and not to be considered compulsory.  The decision will be made with the full interest of the student in mind.

A full scale Theatre Production is held every third year but additional performance opportunities are available to students periodically, as circumstances warrant, often in co-operation with the Perpetual Motion-Youth Company.